Providing check-ins & updates on OKRs

User can set a weekly check-in cadence to discuss how things are progressing

How to provide an update?

Step1: Click on "New update" either on the hover dialog box or in the details page (to the right hand side of the graph)

Step2: Provide the following details and click save.

  • progress/ current metric value (in case of a metric OKR)

  • status (know more about status definitions) and

  • qualitative judgment on how this OKR has been going.

Note: Status and progress are not tied to each other

Update from main dashboard
Update from OKR details page

Notes for Metric OKRs

Note: We recommend that a success metric should be a leading indicator to measure the progress on an OKR.

Note: Progress is automatically calculated in the case of metric OKRs based on the start, target ,and current values. Progress% = (Current value - Start value)/ (Target value - Start value)

Note: Progress is automatically colored green if you are above-expected progress (by the amount of time elapsed) and is red if one is below expected progress