Drag and Drop OKRs

Set up your OKRs chronologically: re-arrange and prioritise what's important to you

Brainstorming and finalization of OKRs for a company goes through multiple iterations. To have the most effective setup process - rearranging, restructuring and prioritising becomes crucial at individual, team and at the overall company level. Hence, we have enabled 'drag and drop' for all users in 10xGoals.

You can now simply drag an OKR and drop it to reorder.

How does drag and drop affect the individual and 'All Objectives' view:

  • For 'My Objectives' view, any rearranging within the key results tree will reflect in 'All objective' view as well. If you rearrange the order of objectives assigned to you - it will not change the order of objectives in the 'All objectives' view. (See the example GIF below)

  • In 'All Objectives' view, all users can drag and drop OKRs to re-order the OKRs. The new order will be publicly visible to everyone viewing the 'All Objectives' view for the company.

The root objectives can be re-arranged by admins only which will be visible for all.

What changes reflect publicly in 'All Objectives' view:

  • Re-ordering key results within the same objective tree

  • Moving a key result from one objective to another objective

  • Moving a key result from an objective to make it an independent objective

  • Moving a non-aligned objective to an already existing objective

The key results can be rearranged by the parent objective owner only.

Here is an example of how drag and drop effects the 'All Objective' view: In this example, we are rearranging the order of an objective in 'My Objectives' view and checking that it does not change the chronology in the 'All Objectives' view.

Moving an objective in the My Objective view --> No change on All Objectives view


Can I re-order OKRs in 'My Starred' and Team views as well? Yes, you can re-order exactly like 'My Objectives' and 'All Objectives'

What happens when I move one objective to another objective? In this case, the objective (along with subsequent key results) shows as a key result within the objective it was dragged into.

Here is a flow covering both the questions above: