Using success metrics for OKRs

A good OKR is always measurable. These measures can be of several nature. This section highlights how to use success metrics in 10xGoals for a variety of needs

10xGoals is designed for flexibility and simplicity. We understand that you may have a hundred different types of metrics. Below is a list to help to think and write your own revenue: Revenue is a metric that can have various forms of currency. Thus, it's always better to define how you are measuring it by associating a currency with it. eg: revenue ($), revenue (Cr), revenue (Mn) etc. conversion funnel: Various stages of a funnel are usually represented in percentages. Thus, its better to define which step of the funnel are you referring to eg: signed_up_users (%), user_with_request (%), user_with_transaction(%), user_with_cancellation(%) etc.

total traffic/ request/transactions: These can sometime be huge numbers and hence are better represented in some currency. eg: website/app_traffic (Mn), signedup_users(K), transactions(K) etc. NPS/performance: Various custom performance measures can take any metric name & unit. eg: NPS can range from -100 to +100 reduce the 99th percentile latencies/load times (Sec) from x to y