JIRA Integration

Set OKRs and link them with JIRA issues and epics

You can now link your OKRs on 10xGoals with JIRA to make it easier for tracking progress on issues that move the Engineering team’s OKRs.

With this integration, you will get

  • a single source of truth for updates on engineering OKRs

  • visibility on tech execution for the entire org

How 10xGoals<->JIRA works

Prerequisites: A. JIRA account details (admin) B. API Token (get from here) Note: You will need to contact your admin for JIRA to get this. You can refer to this documentation. C. Set your OKRs on 10xGoals (please do not set any success metric for these OKRs, they will be automatically fetched from JIRA)


After setting up your OKRs on 10xGoals, you can go to the detail page of the particular O/KR.

  • Click on the three-dot menu and click on ‘Track Progress with JIRA’

  • In the next screen, you can either select ‘Create a new connection’ or use an existing one

  • If you create a new connection, you will need to provide your JIRA account details (keep your JIRA token handy)

Fill in the details and cick on Proceed
  • After connecting your JIRA, you can select the issue/label that you want to link to this OKR and proceed to the next step

An issue can be an epic as well

Here’s how it works:

Integrating an Engineering OKR with JIRA to fetch updates

Following these steps maps your JIRA cards to your O/KR. Your JIRA card updates will reflect on your OKR in 10xGoals, it gets updated every hour and you can also manually click on the refresh icon in the details page of your OKR to get real-time updates.

Manual updates on an OKR mapped with JIRA issues/epics/stories get overwritten

You can not link an OKR with a success metric attached to JIRA. Please delete the success metrics added to the OKR before trying to link it with JIRA.

Please note:

  • If you map a JIRA issue with your OKR, the progress on the OKR on 10xGoals will show 0% if the issue is not closed. If the issue is closed, the progress on 10xGoals will show 100%.

  • If you map a JIRA epic/label with your OKR, the progress is calculated as the percentage of total number of subtasks closed out of all that are associated with that epic/label. So if there are 10 tasks within an epic/label and only 2 of them have been closed, the progress made on the mapped OKR on 10xGoals will show 20%.

Progress of an OKR linked to JIRA

10xGoals automatically updates the status of an OKR linked to a JIRA epic/story every hour. It fetches the progress made from the epic/story it is linked with (which can also be done manually by refreshing the status on the OKR description on 10xGoals). Here is how it works:

Tracking progress of an OKR linked to JIRA

Unlinking/Editing an OKR with JIRA

  • Click on the three-dot menu for the OKR you want to unlink with JIRA and select "Edit JIRA Integration"

  • Select Remove Integration and proceed

  • Your OKR will now be unlinked

Editing a JIRA Integration on an OKR