OKR champion guide

As OKR champions, it is a hard battle to drive adoption across the org. But let's not give up yet. After-all, once done right this would provide a near real-time view of all the work.
  • As an OKR champion, identify champions at each level. These could be team leads/functional/pod heads to become partners in driving the process at their level.

Ensure all teams have their weekly check-ins on the tool

  • Ensure every champion (leaders/managers) to fix a weekly check-in cadence and ask users to configure their reminder notification accordingly.

Ask users to configure their "Weekly reminder" as per the their weekly check-in cadence.

  • Make sure you have broadcasted that the OKRs on tool are a true reflection of an individual's work and they would be directly used as inputs in performance management.

Ensure Managers use OKR tool as inputs for performance management by exporting their direct reports OKRs at the end of the quarter.

  • Ensure cross-functional collaboration happens on tool and rather than offline creating accountability and actionability on what's happening.

Ensure teams comment extensively to provide each other pro-active updates on what's happening on their OKRs

  • Ensure your teams know how-to provide a great check-in and its value

A check-in should have an RCA on the current state and next steps to meet the goals.

  • A tool can never replace human touch. To make people feel more welcomed on the tool, make it mandatory to have profile pictures for every individual on the tool.

Ensure everyone uploads their profile picture on the tool.