Moving OKRs to next quarter

Not all OKRs are achieved at the end of the quarter, and there is a need to move OKRs to next quarter. This page helps with the steps to make a copy of such OKRs in the future quarters.

To move an objective or key result to the next quarter, please follow the steps explained below:

Step 1: Click on "Copy to quarter" option from the 3 dots menu on the OKR card or details page.

Copy to Quarter option in the objective list view

Step 2: Once you select the quarter where you want to copy the objective to, you will get the popup as shown below:

Step 3: There are three options available:

  • Copy this objective only: Copies only the objective without its KR. All the checkins, comments and activities will be copied. The copy will have the same owner and teams selected.

  • Copy objective and its key results: Copies the objective along with its KRs of the first level alone. The checkins, comments, activities of the first level KRs are also copied along with the Owner and team selections.

  • Copy objective and entire key result tree: Copies the Objective along with all its complete KR tree. That includes all the KRs of the objective KRs and so on. The checkins, comments, activities of all the KRs are also copied along with the Owner and team selections.

Choose the option that you would like to copy.

Step 4: Choose if you want to move achieved KRs. When you choose option 2 or 3 from the above step, you will see an additional option to not move the achieved KRs. This option is helpful when you may want to re-write the achieved objectives and hence might need them all.

Step 5: Once the options are selected, click on copy to copy the objectives to the selected quarter.

Step 6: You can view the copy of the objective in the new quarter view or via the activity feed of the objective which was copied.

Why the actual objectives and KRs are not moved and rather a clone is created?

There will be a need for maintaining the audit of the work that is accomplished in the current quarter. Hence a clone of the OKRs are created and moved to the next quarter and the original one is left untouched.

Can I move the same objective or KR to multiple quarters?

No. A selected KR can be moved from one quarter to one other subsequent one in one step. However, you can select the newly created OKR in the later quarter and move it across another quarter in a separate step.

How do I view the original OKR from which the current OKR is cloned from?

In the activity feed of the OKR, there is an entry created with a link to view original OKR. Refer to the image in Step 6.