Get user-wise insights on OKRs and stay on top of performance at a glance

10xGoal's 'UserBoard' empowers OKR champions/team leads to ensure OKRs adoption from a single screen.

Anyone can see how an individual is engaging with their OKRs with the metrics listed in the dashboard. The dashboard lists:

  • total number of OKRs owned by a user

  • how many of them are in awaiting acceptance state

  • how many of them do not have updates/check-ins ( in the last 15 days)

  • the average progress of the OKRs owned by a particular user

  • Classification of the OKRs according to status

You can arrive at the corresponding list of objectives by clicking on the numbers to dive in deeper and take actions. At a glance, you can understand anyone's capacity, OKRs that are going well and the ones that are struggling, so that you can take actions and move them ahead.

How it works:

Performance over time (choose quarters)

In the quarter drop down, you can select and filter with multiple quarters:

Select multiple quarters


You can select 'Teams' and see how the OKRs are performing under single view:


You can select a customised view according to your need:

1. View objectives that are aligned to the company goals and filter out non aligned ones

2. View objectives up to a certain level only (restricted up to L2)

Export performance data

Columns explained:

OKRs Owned (Public) - Total no. of public objectives owned by the User

OKRs awaiting acceptance - Total no. of public objectives that are awaiting acceptance from the user

OKRs awaiting updates - Total no. of OKRs where the user has not made any updates in the last 15 days

Average Progress - Average Progress [%] of all the Top-level public objectives owned by the User

Objectives by Status - Chart displaying the Status-wise split [Not started,OnTrack,Needs work, Off-track, Dropped, Achieved/Not-achieved] of all public objectives owned by the User/ Team

Note: The above table will be sorted in descending order of check-ins by default. It will show the top 15 rows and the rest will be scrollable.

You can sort the data according to ascending or descending order with one click on the column.