Creating an objective

Create your first objective with 10xGoals in less than 2 minutes with the following easy steps:

There are two ways to add an objective:

  1. Add a key-result to an existing objective

  2. Create your own and move it under a relevant objective

Add a key-result to an existing objective

Step1: Go to the "All objectives/Team/Filtered view"

Step2: Drill down to an objective to find your focus goal

Step3: Add a key result to the focussed objective

Step4: Go to "My objectives" dashboard to see your OKR

Create a key-result to existing objective

Create your own and move it under a relevant objective

Step1: Click on "create objective" from centre or right most corner of the screen. Step2: Add your objective, success metric, its start and target. Assign a due-date and hit save. Step3: Once you have created your objective, click on 3 dots menu and select "move objective" Step4: Find your relevant parent objective by searching for your team under the "view teams" section. Step5: Once you locate your parent objective. Click on 3 dots menu and select "paste objective". Your objective starts appearing as a key result to an already existing objective.

Notes for Metric OKRs

A success metric should be a leading indicator to measure the progress on an OKR.

A good success metric has the unit attached to it. For eg: Revenue($), fulfilment%, retention% etc.

Progress is automatically calculated in case of metric OKRs based on the start, target and current values. Progress% = (Current value - Start value)/ (Target value - Start value)

Progress is automatically coloured green if you are above-expected progress (by the amount of time elapsed) and is red if one is below expected progress

Viewing the created objective:

An objective shows up in your “My objectives” if you own it. Or else you can see the objective in the “All objectives” view which shows up an entire organisation's objectives and filter accordingly.

Adding a description to your OKR:

  • One can add links to BI dashboards, google docs, google sheets, JIRA tickets etc as description for relevant objectives.

  • One can create a "List of initiatives" that needs to get done for the objective. This becomes helpful when you have multiple smaller tasks that need to be done by you.

Attach links of working sheets, dashboards, docs etc. in descriptions, comments and check-ins and keep everyone on the same page