Multiple Alignment/ Linking

In highly cross functional orgs, often times we work on O/KRs that cater to multiple team's OKRs. The need for having multiple parents to a single objective is now solved by 10xGoals.

Use Linking when you receive an O/KR that has already been factored as part of another KR. This usually happens when teams call out dependent goals that may already have been planned by the recipient team. By linking, you provide your dependant team an easy access to view updates without you having to provide superfluous status updates in two different places. Here's how you link an OKR.

Step 1: Identify a dependency that is relevant to your OKR. This usually happens when we assign it to the relevant team. For eg: one of the KR's for this NPS objective is to improve the overall brand presence of 10xGoals.

Step 2: Identify an objective that already caters to this need. For eg: in below case, the Brand owner Alka already has such an OKR for her.

Step 3: Click on the 3 dots menu for this OKR and then click on "Link to objective"

Step 4: Click on the 3 dots menu of the objective under which you want to link this objective. Then click on "Link under this objective".

Step 5: This objective is successfully linked under your objective and would keep updating the latest info from its actual source.

Final linked KR

Note: This is just a link. You can open the details page and communicate on the same. However, all permissions to this KR resides with the actual owner of the objective.

How do I see where all my OKR is linked?

If your OKR is linked to other parent objectives, then you would see an option "View Linked Objectives" on hover. Click on this to see other parent OKRs you are contributing to.

Hover to find the linked objectives
All linked objectives