Roles and Permissions

This page provides an understanding of the different roles that exist on 10xGoals.


We have two roles on 10xGoals:

  • Admins

  • Members

Admins have special access and can do everything on the tool. For more info on admin settings click below:

Members can play different roles with respect to an OKR unit which are as follows:

  • Creator: A person who created an objective/ key result.

  • Owner: A person who is responsible for delivering the outcome of the objective/ key result.

  • Immediate Parent: A person who owns the parent objective to which a key result contributes to.

The next section highlights what activities can be done by these roles.

Permissions Matrix

List of Activities

Roles who have access



Make someone admin

Admins only

Creating a company objective

Admins only

Creating an objective


Adding key results


Updating OKRs

Admin, Creator, Owner, Immediate parent


Admin, Creator, Owner, Immediate parent

Deleting OKRs

Admin, Creator, Owner, Immediate parent

Commenting on OKRs


Viewing OKRs