Google Sheet Integration

Update progress of your OKRs via Google Sheets

Google sheets are by far the most used tool for tracking success metrics and we know how useful it will be for the teams to sync metrics data with the accompanying Key Results.

So, we have built an exclusive add-on for google sheet to give you the functionality of updating your success metrics without having to leave the sheet. You can also automate check-ins for a particular OKR on 10xGoals with a cell in sheets using this add on.

Advantages of 10xGoals add-on:

  • Easy access to your OKR within the sheet itself - under one roof

  • Update your metric progress on the sheet and it will automatically update on 10xGoals

  • No tab switching required from your google sheet reports to 10xGoals for updating your OKRs

To use this add-on

Open a sheet on google drive and click on Add-ons >> Get add-ons >> search for 10xGoals and install the add on.

Alternatively, you can go to your Account settings on 10xGoals, click on "Integrations" section and proceed with "Manage Gsheet Add-on"

You will need to allow access to your google drive for the add on to function.

After allowing, you can reload the sheet and click on Add-ons>> hover on 10xGoals, and click on ‘open’ to get a list of your OKRs to integrate with.

If your admin has already installed this add-on, please skip this step.

Connect your 10xGoals account:

The 10xGoals add-on opens on the right-hand side of your sheet. Click on connect account and sign in using your 10xGoals credentials. This will enable the add on to show you a list of all the eligible OKRs.

Eligible OKRs for Google sheet are the ones with defined success metrics in your 10xGoals account.

While connecting the account, please make sure that the email ID used to open the sheet and that used to log in - are the same. This essentially means that your official ID (default for sheets) should be used.

Check-in to your OKRs manually from a sheet

Click on the relevant OKR you want to provide a check-in for. Enter the metric value, update the status and provide contextual check-in. Click on "Submit Check-in" button to manually provide the check-in.

Integrate with a cell for automatic check-in

Click on the relevant OKRs you want to integrate for auto check in. Click on the cell location that we should pick up the data from, fill in the schedule details and Click on Automate. After this integration, you will start seeing updates on success metrics on your linked OKRs automatically.

It might take up to an hour from the time the data has been updated to it being reflected on your linked OKR. This is the default lag in fetching the data.

Edit scheduled check-in to your OKRs:

You can also set up a weekly/monthly schedule for your OKRs to be auto-updated. Here is how it works:

You can edit your schedule anytime from the 10xGoals add-on.

After you've automated your check-ins by linking a cell, you will be able to see the list of OKRs on 10xGoals that are being checked-in automatically by the sheet.

On 10xGoals, OKRs linked with Google sheets will appear with its logo

In case you need to remove autamed check-ins from your OKRs:

You can do that in either of these two ways:

  1. Within the add-on, click on an automated objective and find the three-dot menu on the top right hand side. You will see the option to "Remove Automation" and clicking on it should do the job.

2. Within 10xGoals, you can click on the objective that is automated with Google Sheets, find the three dot menu on the top right hand side, and click on "Remove Gsheets Automation".


  1. You can link only one OKR to a cell in a sheet, the same OKR can not be linked with multiple cells.

  2. You can access 10xGoals Add-on from any/multiple Google Sheets.

  3. If a sheet is deleted, the automation will be paused after attempting for a check-in. The detail page of the OKR on 10xGoals will show you an error about the same.

  4. If the due date is passed and the quarter has also ended, then the automation will get automatically removed.

Know more:

In case you have any queries or facing any issues with your add-on, please feel free to contact us by clicking the three dot menu on the top left hand side.