Writing good check-ins!

A check-in is a formal update which should include a very crisp but well-thought update on an OKR

Provide an update on the Progress made so far. For metric driven OKRs, these should have the current state of the metric and the respective progress%

Provide a status update based on your confidence towards achieving the quarterly goals

A good check-in should include:

  • What's working/ What's not working?

    • Root cause analysis if things are not moving as per plan

  • Action items/ solutions to bring it back to on-track.

    • Help or support required from other stakeholders or leadership to come on track.

Status guide:


What it means / when to use it?


No work is expected at the moment


A high possibility of achieving the OKR as expected

Needs Work

A risk of achieving the OKR on time; Low confidence for the rest of the quarter


An OKR that is behind and has serious danger of achievement on time


This has been postponed for later


At the end of the quarter when goals are met


At the end of the quarter when goals are missed (delayed achievement or quality is un-satisfactory)