Summary Views

Launching the Smart Summary for all your crucial views - My objectives, team objectives and all objectives.Get smart insights on where you stand and improve accordingly.

Why Smart Summary?

  • It has the key elements of the OKR process & performance in a single focussed view.

Summary view
  • The process view has a smart color logic that tells you whether your OKR process is lagging behind (red), healthy (green), or needs work (amber)

Process scorecard
  • The elements in the summary view are actionable. You can click on them to deep-dive into relevant OKRs.

Important FAQs

  • Which OKRs are counted in my summary view? All the parent objectives along with its key-results trees.

  • How do I understand the summary view for the “All Objectives” tab? For all objectives, there are two summary views:

    • Company Objectives toggle is on - Here, you will see the summary of the company objectives only

    • Company Objective toggle is off - Here, you will see the summary of all the OKRs in a company including non-aligned OKRs. This is how it works: