Slack Integration

Receive, Respond, and Manage your OKRs inside your favourite collaboration tool with 10xGoals Slack integration.

1. Enable Slack integration in 10xGoals

Admins can easily enable Slack integration for their organisation from the account settings. Once this is enabled by an admin, users will automatically start receiving notifications from 10xGoals on their Slack account under the apps section.

To integrate slack, you can go to your Account Settings->Integrations-> Enable Slack.

This is how it works:

2. Co-ordinate within Slack

You will get a notification on Slack whenever someone assigns an OKR to you. You can Accept, Decline, or chat on this OKR to ensure you never lose sight of what’s needed to be done.

You can also update your OKRs within slack. You will get weekly Slack reminders for OKRs assigned to you where you can provide the last progress/metric value and status.

You will also receive notifications when someone mentions you or assigns any action item. You can reply to them within Slack itself.

You will get notified on your Slack app, and take relevant actions from there itself.