Custom Tags

A better way to prioritize your OKRs during execution, reviews, and end-quarter reflection.

What are tags?

Tags are essential to highlight and filter high priority items for ease of reviews. After assigning tags to your objectives, it becomes easier to identify them as the type of goals/objectives, as agreed upon by everyone in the organization.

We strongly recommend using “Committed”, “Aspirational” or “Solutioning” tags for OKRs that help clearly identify the nature of the OKR/initiative thereby ensuring the right handling for Performance Management purposes.

The C/A/S tag is also useful for prioritization during execution, reviews, and end-quarter reflection.

Committed: These OKRs are typically BAU where the path of execution is relatively clear. They have to deliver 100% (meet the set targets as discussed and agreed upon with the individuals, teams, and organization).

Aspirational: These are the OKRs where the execution path is not fully clear but the attempt needs to be made. These are your moonshots that have room for variance, and if achieved 70% are considered a breakthrough. It is helpful to define aspirational OKRs over multiple quarters.

Solutioning: These are the OKRs where even half the path to achieving the objective is not clear. These OKRs are taken up to solve complex/difficult problem statements. Solutioning/experimentation OKRs are good to take up first (in the current quarter) ahead of a committed OKR (in the next quarter).

You can create your own custom tags to identify and filter according to your organization’s needs.

Adding tags to OKRs

  1. Adding a tag while creating a new O/KR

  • Click on 'New Objective' or 'Create an Objective' in your dashboard

  • Type in your objective

  • Click on #Tags below the box

  • Type in your tag to find or click on 'Create a new tag' to assign the tag to this objective

2. Adding a tag to existing O/KRs

  • Find the Objective you want to assign a tag to

  • In the detailed view of this objective, click on #Tags

  • Search/create a new tag to assign it to this objective

Filter or Search by tags

You can filter your OKRs according to the tags assigned to them at any point by following this process:

Alternatively, you can put in the name of your tag in the search box to find a list of OKRs tagged with that name.

Manage Tags

To modify your tags, you can:

  • Click on any objective to go to the details page

  • Click on tags under the objective name

  • Click on the three dots menu and select 'Manage your tags'

  • Edit/delete the tag you want to change and click on save


Can I have more than 1 tag for my OKRs? Yes, you can have more than one tag for any O/KR.

What is the character limit for creating a custom tag? Custom tags are limited to 25 characters.

Can I edit/delete custom tags? As an admin, you can edit/delete all tags created in the organization. A user can edit/delete a tag that has been created by them.

If I rename a tag, how does it reflect in OKRs? All OKRs get reflected with the new tags. Think about editing the OKR title.

If I Delete a tag, how does it reflect in OKRs The tag automatically vanishes from all OKR main and details pages.