Context View for OKRs

One click to view the alignment of the OKR from the details page

You might be getting notified about OKRs via emails, slack, within the dashboard or anytime someone from your team shares the link to an OKR. Clicking on the OKR link takes you to the detail view in 10xGoals.

Now, every time you land on a details page of an OKR, you do not need to manually go back to find its alignment with the parent objective.

We’ve now introduced the "View alignment for this goal" button for all your OKRs. Here is how it looks:

Let's look at an example to see this in action:

  • A team member assigned an OKR and it triggered a notification in my dashboard

  • I clicked on the notification to land at the details page of this OKR

  • I clicked on the "View Alignment" button on the page and was automatically taken to the alignment view

  • After I got to know the context, I clicked on "Back to Details" in the information box below to go back to the details page so that I can move ahead and update the OKR

View alignment from details page automatically expands all the key results of the parent objective, highlighting the objective in context.

View alignment of goals from the detail page itself