Using team tags effectively

Our flat view of teams becomes really handy for organizations to adapt to OKRs with evolving org structure. How? Because it doesn't matter what and how many types of org-structures exist.

The team column is designed to provide flexibility to all team managers/leaders to visualize the OKR tree for teams reporting to them

Use the BU/pod name to tag the highest OKRs. For eg: SaaS_revenue

The KR's to the Objective has to tagged with the executing teams. For eg: Sales

Note: When you are creating a KR, you do not need to tag the same team that was tagged in the parent objective again.

Tag the KR's below the KR's with sub-teams. For eg: Sales_India

Below is an example of how to view the teams

How to follow/unfollow teams

How to tag a KR to a team