Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to create/make my objective as a company objective?

Currently, we allow only “Admins” to create company objectives. You can contact your admin to get these rights.‌

Can I assign an objective to a pending user?

Yes, you can assign an objective/KR to a pending user. The new user gets an email notification that an OKR is assigned to them.‌

Can I create a KR under someone’s objective?

Yes, anyone can create a KR under someone else’s objective.‌

I created an objective and assigned to someone else. I can't find it now.

The default tab in 10xGoals is "My objectives" where you see all objectives that you own and their KRs. If you created an objective and assigned to someone else then it will show up in "All objectives" view. You can filter by that person to see that objective.

I declined an objective and it vanished. What happened to it?

Once declined, an objective goes back to the assignor. They should be able to see it in their "My objectives" view. You can see this objective by going to the "All objectives" view and filter by this person.‌

How can I align my “Non-aligned” objective with an already existing objective?

You can use the "Move & Paste" functionality to align/re-structure your OKRs with company objectives. For more info on Move and paste click the link below

Can I assign more than one person as an owner to an OKR?

10xGoals allows a single owner for better accountability of goals. If one wants to have multiple owners, we suggest breaking the objective down to its relevant key results and assign owners for those key results.‌

Can I assign more than one team to an OKR?

Yes, you can assign up to 3 teams to an OKR‌. This could be BU, Function/Department or pods/projects

How do I see OKRs that do not belong to me?

10xGoals support 3 different kinds of views to help users do one or all of the following:‌

  • My objectives view: This view shows all objectives owned by you - both assigned or created.

  • All objectives view: This view shows up all objectives of the organisation. One can "Filter" to get relevant OKRs. This view is usually used by the COS/ OKR execution team to run check-ins.

  • Team view: This view enables team members and managers to stay on top of what's going on in their teams. One can follow teams from the "view team" tab on the sub-header.

I have mistakenly written wrong OKR, what do I do?

You can delete an OKR by clicking on the 3 dots menu at the extreme right end of the OKR card or from the details page.

How do I move/re-structure my OKRs?

You can move an objective (aligned or non-aligned) under any other objective to change its alignment.

I can see a ⭐️ on the objective card. Is this personal or global?

The star feature is a personal attribute. Once you star something, it shows up in your "My starred objectives" tab. Read more on the star feature below:

Can I ⭐️ other people's/teams objectives?

Yes, you can star other owners/teams objectives. Read more on the star feature below:

How do I know what Status to put in my check-ins?

You can use the below table guide to choose what is the most relevant status for your OKR


What it means & when to use it?


No work is expected at the moment


A high possibility of achieving the OKR as expected

Needs Work

A risk of achieving the OKR on time


A very low/no possibility of achieving the OKR on time


This has been postponed for later


At the end of the quarter when goals are met


At the end of the quarter when goals are missed (delayed achievement or quality is un-satisfactory)

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