Multiple Milestones

Break down your success metrics into multiple milestones with due dates

Running a business can be like running a marathon, especially when it comes to achieving big goals. You can break down your goals into multiple milestones to make them easier to reach.

We all know that OKRs are stretch goals and provide a dramatic lift to the current business. This means that OKRs are likely to progress in step functions and most likely will never be linear. Most OKRs tend to have a non-uniform ramp-up. Hence, you can add multiple milestones to better represent your progress.

With 10xGoals, break down success metrics of your quarterly, half-yearly, or annual OKRs into multiple milestones so you know when you get closer to your final outcomes.

Where would these be helpful?

Add monthly targets to your growth/sales/ops goals

Add milestones of key product releases that drive your success metrics

How to split your success metrics into multiple milestones?

  • Click on an OKR to arrive at the details page

  • Below the OKR description, you would have set a start and end success metrics, click on +Milestones right beside it.

  • Add your milestones by setting a due date and success metrics value and click on 'Save Milestones'.

A zoomed-in view of breaking your success metrics into multiple milestones:

You can notice the graph trends changing with updated milestones so that you can visualize how your OKR is faring in real-time as against expected. You will also see a reminder on your upcoming milestone below the graph.

Here is an example for an annual OKR planning cycle - How breaking an annual success metrics into 10 milestones can look like:

Break down of an annual revenue goal into multiple monthly milestones