Add milestones to metric OKRs

We all know that OKRs are stretch goals and provide a dramatic lift to the current business. This means that OKRs are likely to progress in step functions and most likely will never be linear.

Most OKRs tend to have a non-uniform ramp-up. Hence, users can now add milestones to better represent their progress.

Where would these be helpful?

Add monthly targets to your growth/sales/ops goals

Add milestones of key product releases that drive your success metrics

How to add milestones to my OKRs?

Step1: Open the details page of an objective

Step2: Click on "Milestones" just below the title and adjacent to metrics

Step3: Add your milestone dates and values

Step4: Click on "save milestones"

Step5: Milestones have been added to the OKR. Notice the changes to the expected line on the graph.